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  • P2P Lending: Facilitation on the blockchain through Reditus platform

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    What is a Non-Performing Loan and how can you benefit with Reditus?

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    Building Reditus: Founder, Core Team and Advisors (+ MVP!)

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  • The blockchain solution to trading finance loans

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    Reditus Receivables Management System (RMS): Enabling Tokenised Bonds

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    Reditus: Individuals and creditors can now trade unredeemed loans easily

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Reditus® Platform

An advanced platform for trading, investing, and collecting receivables.

  • It increases the likelihood of recovering Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) and sunken small receivables.

  • Democratizes receivables through a sustained model of utility token ownership.

  • The Reditus® RMS (Receivable Management System) enables the assessment and collection of receivables, and a trading system through the tokenization of outstanding receivables.

Gateway to Receivable Investment through Tokenization

Formalization of Informal Receivables

Liquidation of Unredeemed Receivables

Trust Deposit of Receivable e-Collection






Reditus® Dual Token System

NAME IT Coin RED Token
(Varies due to unique nature of tokens, individual tags are assigned according)
TYPE ERC-20, Utility Token Private Permissioned Blockchain Token
USAGE Main token used in the Reditus Ecosystem. IT Coin is the only form of exchange for RED Token. IT Coin is a utility token, used to perform activities on the network:

  • Used for registration and access to Reditus platform

  • Transaction fees

  • Used to collateralize bonds

  • Used to reward IT Coin holders

  • Used for staking

  • Used to acquire RED Tokens

Tokenized receivables that are uniquely represented, each REDT will be backed by the receivables pledged onto the platform.

This includes and not limited to: NPL, general bonds, P2P (borrowing), P2P (foreign currency) and other bonds.
SUPPLY 2,000,000,000 ITCO Capped at Token Sale Depending on the Receivables Tokenization Process
DIVISIBILITY 18 Decimal Places 0 Decimal Places

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Reditus® Token Ecosystem


Token IT Coin
Symbol ITCO
Total Supply 2,000,000,000
Tokens for Sale 1,000,000,000 (50%)
Token Price US$0.031
Hard Cap US$31,250,000
Currencies Accepted ETH, USD, BTC
Minimum Contribution US$100
Pre-sale Date 14 March 2019 (12:00PM GMT +8) - 29 March 2019 (11:59AM GMT +8) Days: 15
Pre-sale Bonus 8%
Public Sale Date 29 March 2019 (12:00PM GMT +8) - 13 April 2019 (11:59AM GMT +8) Days: 15
Lock-up Period Founders & Team (12 Months lock-up period from the end of public sale)
Restricted Countries USA & China

The IT Coin sale will be conducted on the Ethereum blockchain. IT Coin (ticker symbol: ITCO) will be sold as an ERC20 token. Once Reditus® RMS (Receivables Management System) has been deployed, Reditus® RED Token (ticker symbol: REDT) will be exchangeable with IT Coin.

Participation in the Pre-sale and Public sale shall be limited to individuals with each wallet cleared pursuant Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks. KYC checks include proof of identity and residency.

Token Allocation

Use of Proceeds


FinTech / Debt management status (past 8 years)

Funding Status

Procurement Amount Redemption Redemption
60.4 billion won 38.3 billion won 22.1 billion won
US$ 54.5M US$ 34.6M US$ 20M

Fund Operation Status

Culmulative Total Total Uncollected Receivables
818.6 billion won 22.8 billion won
US$ 740M US$ 20.6M
  • November 2017

    Reditus Start

  • December 2018

    Reditus (Blockchain): Prototype Completion

    ICO Start

  • May 2019

    Reditus (Blockchain): Test-net Completion

    RMS Test based on Test-net

  • Sep 2019

    Reditus (Blockchain): Main-net Completion

    RMS Test based on Main-net

    Token Market Test based on Main-net

  • Nov 2019

    Service Open based on Main-net: RMS, Token Market

Core Team

Gilmo Jeong


Seven TechNet Finance (CEO)
Clover Seven (CEO)

Experience in Fintech

Wonhyeog Kim


R2C (CEO), KyungKi Bank

Expertise in Blockchain, Banking & Telecom Platform

Hyun-Wook Cho

Business Planning  

Master of Engineering at Graduate School of Information & Technology, SOGANG University

Expertise in Blockchain & Big Data Analytics

Sunho Won

Marketing Planning  

Neoleds Technology (CEO)

Expertise in Strategic Investment & Market Analysis

Joonghan Kwon

Main-Net Leader  

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Project at NexG

Expertise in Blockchain, Encryption Algorithm & Key Exchange

ChangYul Oh


Coin Daemon Operation & Technical review at Bithumb

Expertise in Cryptocurrency Daemon Design

Seongsu Park


PKI Development (INITECH)

Expertise in PKI, SSO & Blockchain

Youngsoo Kim


Asset management project (KB Card) Main-Net, Coin Development

Expertise in Core design, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Changjun Lee

Service Planning 

Expertise in Service Planning, UI/UX Consulting

Sangmin Jung

Service Planning 

Web & App Platform Planning (CJ media)

Expertise in Service Planning, UI/UX Consulting

Sunggon Moon


Blockchain Linked, Web Development & Technical Support

Expertise in AWS Cloud, WEB Application & App Development

Heetae Kim


Fintech Project (SK)

Expertise in Process Design & Testing

Wanwoo Nam


JGVI Public, Vobee

Expertise in UX Planning & Design

SeongA Kim


NexCoin, Gom & Company, JAHA Smart

Expertise in Web & Mobile Web Publishing

Yeni Shin



Expertise in Graphic Design, Illustrator, UI/UX & Publishing

Jaeho Kim

Leader of Finance & Accounting 

GeonYoung Food, Sekwang Shipping. Soongsil University

Seonyeong Yun

Assistant Manager of Finance & Accounting 

Gangnam University

Yugyeong Lee

Assistant Manager of Marketing Business 

Myongji college

Jaeyoung Jang

Leader of Marketing Business 

KEB Hana Bank
DongKook University

Graduate School of Public Administration

Yeongseob Kang

Assistant Manager of Marketing Business 

KB Bank

Duksin Woo

Leader of Sales Management Team 

KOLON Finance Corp., LG Card Corp., SEHAN CREDIT INFORMATION Corp., CONSUMER Financing Corp.

Jwaryoung Nam

Leader of Business Support Team 

Yushin Medical, BK Electronics
Semyeong University

Youngjin Lee

Leader of Billing Management Team 


Hyorim Lee

Assistant Manager of Billing Management Team 


Hyejin Ahn

Assistant Manager of Billing Management Team 


Cheul Park

Primary Advisor 

Shinhan Financial Group (Outside Director)
The Bank of Korea (Vice-governor)
Korea University (Visiting Professor)
Citibank Korea (Outside Director)
Samsung Scholarship Foundation (Board member)

Seoul National University, Economics
New York University, Economics (Master)

Brandon Sangsoo Lee

Primary Advisor 

SmartMind Inc. Founder/CEO
Mediacorp, Vice President
Samsung SDS, Senior Data Scientist
Siemens, R&D Engineer

KAIST, Computer Science, M.S.

Joon Seog Park

Primary Advisor 

Chain Insight, Founder/CEO
Live Gamer Asia, CEO
Microsoft Korea, Business Group Lead Wisengine, CEO

Sogang Graduate School, MBA. Sogang University, BA. Economics.

Charles H.C. Suh

Weplusasset, President
Metis, Founder/CEO
Investment Committee of KTB PE
Alt. Investment Committee of the NFFF
IWL Partners Group

Seoul National University, Politics.
Expertise in Buy-out PEF and Alternative Investment

Sunho Choi


Bookstore Founder/CEO
Delote, Senior Accountant

Seoul National University

Seukhoon Pi

Bokwang Investment
Medich Investment
Samsung Heavy Indusries
Korea Institute of Energy Research


Sungmin Lee

Tax Services Company, Haean
Management Consulting Group

Lance Joungwon Park

PACIFIC BIO (Vice President /CEO)
NEOPLUX (Executive Director)
Lehman Brothers (Associate candidate)

Seoul National University

Okkyu Choi

BRS Investment (CEO)
AON Real Estate (Asset Management)

Graduate School of Real Estate studies, KONKUK University

Yongsun Kim

WillingTO (CEO)
ISCA, Permanent Inspector
KSIA, Member of Board

Tzeko Minev


President of Fibank
CEO of Bansko Resort

Christian Tschan


Consultant for Investment

Heinz Gurtner


CEO of FIS Travel
Consultant for Investment

Jehoon Ryu

International Relation Director
Korea Ski Association
Secretary General
Asian Ski Federation

Physical Education, Seoul National University

Hyunjoo Min

Professor of Dept. of Vocational Studies at KYONGGI University
19th Member of the National Assembly

Ph.D of sociology at Cornell University

Sangyeon Song

Professor of International Management at DONGDUK WOMENS University

Doctoral degree in Business Administration at SEOUL National University

Jeongmin Han

Professor of Electrical Engineering at SEOIL University

Dr. of Engineering at Yonsei Graduate School

Sangmo Moon

Member, Democratic Party of South Korea
DP, Committee President in GeoJe Region
2017. SMC, Chief Vice Representative of DP
2010~2018. Seoul Metropolitan Council, Councilor

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